Connecting Kids to Nature and Each Other!

Small groups outdoors in DE, and virtual parent coaching (from anywhwere) by occupational therapists. We help kids with social skills, emotional regulation, and sensory motor challenges. 

Our Philosophy

Our focus is to help children that struggle with everyday tasks of childhood. We will work to improve motor skills, self regulation, sensory processing, as well as increasing creativity and imagination.  We will foster play skills, problem solving/conflict resolution and managing emotions as we help to develop stronger, braver and more regulated children.  

Playing in the natural world has a dramatic effect on a child’s physical, mental and emotional health, and is essential for healthy and balanced child development.  We can't wait to connect with new friends out in nature!

Does your child have difficulty...

Making or keeping friends?

Regulating their emotions in a group?

With everyday motor skills?

Paying attention and staying focused on tasks?

The Therapists














Liz Downing, MOT, OTR/L

Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Co-owner of Limitless Kids

I have been a pediatric OT working with kids for 13 years.  My experience areas include hospital, school, early intervention and private OT.  more >

Theresa Marini-Kain, OTR/L, CIMI

Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Co-owner of Limitless Kids

I am a pediatric OT with over 20 years of service to infants, children and their families.  My experience includes working in the hospital setting, school setting and providing private-based OT services. 

more >

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